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Sadman - 9th and Last Life

Project-X - Needles and Control

Backlash - Divine EP

Interlace - Nemesis

Backlash - Quiet Men

Backlash - Shape of Things...

Sadman - Cold in the State...

Bobby - Thursday in this...

Colony 5 - Buried Again

Colony 5 - Colonisation

Colony 5 - Lifeline

Michigan - Pulse of Pain

Code 64 - Departure

Run Level Zero - Arctic Noise



typcd34x200Thirteenth Exile - Into Nothing - CD

Released November 23


Stockholm based Thirteenth Exile have just recorded the follow up album to their debut "Assorted Chaos and Broken Machinery". The new album "Into Nothing" is a well produced masterpiece with both dark electronics and memorable lyrics.


On the opening track "The Worm" Svegsjö takes his dark rhythms and frenetic strength in vocals at a new level. The track will also be avilable in remixed versions as single release prior to the album [October 26]. On "Life Eraser" the vocals get even more brutal and the frustration becomes real. Play it loud! "My Legacy" follows with a slower beat just to get back on agony level with up-tempo classic "Pain Receiver". Choirs which encourage to scream out the daily rage. In "A Perfect World" cinematic hypnotized arranged bombastic soundscapes are accomponied with vocals as crying for help.


Thirteenth Exile also pays a tribute to one of their favourites acts; Portishead with the excellent cover version of "Wandering Star". With monolithic details and massive beat - the album "Into Nothing" is nothing but pure electronic love.


Thirteenth Exile...  Listen and download "Into Nothing"...  Listen and download "The Worm"...


MEMO108 - Sadman - 9th and Last LifeSadman - 9th and Last Life - CD

On Sadman’s new album “9th and Last Life”, released February 12, you will experience a beautifully dark electropop/rock soundscape. This is a band that knows how to combine the tranquil and atmospheric with the harsh and angry, creating a vivid and invigorating soundscape with influences from bands like Radiohead and Depeche Mode.


On this album you are presented with darker, rougher tracks in “I Hide”, “9th” and “How” as well as softer, more laid back tracks in “Angel (In the Leap)”, “I’m off” and  he stunning ballad “End up in a Calm”. Add to this electronically infused pop tunes in “Gone” and “Drama” and you are a presented with a wide spectrum of high quality music.


Listen at Myspace...   Download...   Sadman...


TYPCDM33 - Project-X - Needles and ControlProject-X - Needles and Control - CDM

"Needles & Control", released February 10, is a stunning four track CDM where Project-X pays tribute to one of their most important influences over the years –  Joy Division.


We are sure that you have NEVER heard "She´s Lost Control" this way. A hard hitting EBM interpretation with all the things you can ask for – wicked basslines, vicious beats and a tempo that will make the electro dance-floors all over the world go wild. Add to this an incredible remix of the title track by EBM and industrial legend Claus Larsen from Leaetherstrip.


On top of this you are presented with two completely new tracks in the electronic body music anthems “Needle” and “Is This What You Wanted”.


Listen at Myspace...   Download...   Project-X...


MEMO109 - Backlash - Divine EPBacklash - "Divine EP" - Digital CDM

Backlash presents the second EP in a series of four! On "Divine EP", released December 18, Backlash presents you with three new tracks as well as a cover of an 80’s classic. The title track "Divine" (presented in a radio edit and a remix) is an extremely catchy, up-tempo electropop anthem that will be loved on the dancefloors.


The title track is backed up with yet another electronic pop gem in "Letting Go", as well as a 10-minute (!) cover of the Flock of Seagulls classic track "Wishing".  "Divine EP" is yet a great example of the fantastic craftsmanship we have become used to from one of Sweden’s most well established electropop acts ever.


Listen at Myspace...   Download...   Backlash...



Lots more digital downloads available!

Memento Materia has been around for more than 15 years now, releasing all kinds of high quality electronic music. Believe it or not, but when we started the label we released our first compilations on CD, which was a novelty back then.


Now we have been busy adding much of our back catalogue to the Memento Materia Digital Download shop in order to make this great music available to you!


Now you can listen to and download music from artists such as NasaMalaise, Neverwood, Z Prochek, Iberian Spleen, Kliche, Pouppee Fabrikk, Hayce (Sophie Rimheden) as well as some of our compilations.


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